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Dear Friends, my name is Sophia James and I am a new entrepreneur and set up a Call Centre in the mid of the city. Being an IT professional, and worked for a MultiNational for almost 20 years, I decided to quit the job and set up a business on my own. The best and financially feasible idea is to open a Call Centre, which can provide services to almost all the online services provider. You all know that it took me my best as I had to arrange a Software which can provide services to different segments. Hiring and staff, get them trained and meetings with Corporates is a big task, but I go through successfully, being in the Corporate Market for 20 years. After a hectic period of six months, we inaugurated our 24/7 Call Centre last July. I tried my best to hire the best and professional staff, as the entire game is about Customer Service and response. Luckily, all the staff is very professional and sincere towards their work. The reason to share my experience is not about setting up a business. You will be surprised that it’s about other than the work. Since the Call Centre is active 24/7, and the employees are on their toes every time, they need something to refresh them, and they continue pushing me hard to arrange some activity for them to refresh. The Supervisors and Managers are also voting for them. I put the ball into their court and allow them to have some indoor activity in the Mess.

However, the Supervisors have come up with another idea. They proposed to get some physical fitness equipment which will also help the employees to use their efforts positively and it also refreshes them physically and mentally. Sounds good, and I allow them to forward a proposal. The Supervisors are more active than the employees, and they put a proposal on the table the next day which is about some SportsTech who are the top suppliers of physical fitness machines with a discount of 40% through Sportstech gutschein Code.

The proposal was reasonable and much below the expected cost, I gave them go ahead with the instruction to keep their focus on work, especially on service. The Managers are even smarter and they placed orders with SportsTech with an urgent delivery request. The machines were delivered to the office within 3 days and when I came to the office the next morning, I saw the beautiful SportsTech Three in One Back & Abdominal and SportsTech Fitness Machine for Office, properly placed in the corner of the Canteen Room.

The employees are happy and send me numbers of thanks emails and from their body posture, I can feel that enthusiasm and excitement amongst them. Even I can feel happy inside, and I decided to participate in the exercise regularly. Tread Mill is the easiest option for me which can also keep me fit and smart and fresh.
SportsTech really deserves an appreciation which helps me in keeping my employees happy and excited.

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