Marley Spoon Australia: My Experience With Marley Spoon Discount Codes

Marley Spoon has been an amazing inclusion to the meal kit industry. They have revolutionized the whole game by incentivizing their customers through Marley Spoon Voucher Codes available on multiple of their affiliate partner sites.

I was one of the HelloFresh guys, who would always order their groceries using them. But I had always felt that there was something missing from their meal kits.

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And that was the passion behind providing the best and most delicious recipes to their customers.

And that’s why my hunt for a new meal kit delivery service increased and guided me towards Marley Spoon Australia.

The most attracting part for me which directed me towards Marley Spoon was none other than their affordable pricing which becomes even more cheaper if you use Marley Spoon Discount Codes.

How Was My First Order With Marley Spoon?

Marley Spoon vegan

And the story begins when I was initially dubious and reluctant of how I should go with my first order with Marley Spoon… Should I go with the smallest 2-person box or directly go with their 8-person meal box?

And I decided to give a go with their best and largest meal box for 8 persons to get their best ingredients and recipe.

Thankfully, I had already obtained a newly launched Marley Spoon promo code of $80 which I got from the site linked with a $50 cashback offer which I didn’t won but the $80 off voucher was enough for me…

Marley Spoon recipes

Since I am a vegan, I went with their vegan recipe which was Super green flafel.

And boy it was looking delicious (at-least on the picture).

So I made the order, added my coupon at the checkout page and made the payment after which I was asked to schedule my meal box delivery which I did easily.

I must commend their site interface since it was easy to navigate and the whole process was so easy. Now I just needed to sit and relax and wait for my meal box to arrive.

After a week, my meal box was delivered at my doorstep which I did receive from their delivery guy.

The box had a recipe card, some fresh ingredients, guidelines and more…

Although, it wasn’t the best meal box I had seen but considering the price it was still better than most of the competing brands.

I opened up the packaging and started to find the ingredients, all of them were there despite a sauce and chilly garlic.

I had to go outdoors to buy these two items, but all other ingredients were available in sufficient quantities…

I cooked the food with my wife Gennie and the whole experience was so easy and the food smell was delicious…

Even though my wife is not a vegan, but she could not resist when I offered her a spoonful of my own cooked veggies…

The taste was delicious, and the ingredients’ quality was amazing… We got this box for half the price it was advertised on the site, thanks to Marley Spoon Coupons, but yet it tasted delicious and had all the ingredients.

I am going to give it 4/5 star and a 1 star less for the packaging quality and the little delay in delivering the order but overall, it was good experience and compare to the price of HelloFresh it was much superior.

So if you wanna ask my opinion about Marley Spoon VS Hello Fresh, then definitely it’s going to be Marley Spoon Australia.